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It’s February again which means that it’s time for Trickreich! As every year the animation class from Kunsthochschule Kassel presents its work of the past year. This time we’re going to discuss elementary questions of daily life: Why does my head hurt so much? – Am I still ticking correctly?

Find out about the answers and enjoy our versatile film program!

When? 12th to 14th of February, every evening at 22:15pm.
Where? BALi cinema at Kulturbahnhof Kassel

Poster: Daniel Maaß & Áron Farkas

Animationsklasse of Facebook

Trickreich of Facebook

Florian Maubach wins German Shortfilm Award 2018

Florian Maubach won the German Shortfilm Award in the category ‘Animated movies’ in november 2018 with his graduation short ‘Cops and Robbers’. The German Shortfilm Award is the most importand and highest remunerated Shortfilm award in Germany. Florian was given a prize of 30.000 euros to fund new film projects. Congratulations Florian!

Still from Cops and Robbers

“Cops and Robbers” gives an insight in the everyday experience of teens:

Playing Cops and Robbers on the old playground. Why am I still doing this?

While they play Cops and Robbers, Daniel begins to realize that there is something else between catching and being caught. He sees himself confronted with situations with which he does not really know how to deal with.

Still from Cops and Robbers

German Shortfilm Award
Florian Maubach
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The animated music video “The day I turned into a ghost” by Ines Christine Geisser and Kirsten Carina Geisser was on two festivals in November and won the third place at “Premierenwald”, a German short film competition Filminstitut (DIF), the campaign “Wir sind Wald” and ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland.

At the award ceremony on 05.11.2011 at the German Filmmuseum in Frankfurt, the sisters received the prize money of 1000 €. The film continues it’s screening in November with the Flensburger Kurzfilmtagen from 09.-12. November 2011) and the 11th up-and-coming Int. Filmfestival Hannover, which will be held from 24.-27. November 2011.Wir gratulieren und hoffen, dass die Traubeneiche ihren Platz im Hof der Trickfilmklasse findet!

Link to the Film on VIMEO




Georg wächst shortfilm of the month

The film „Georg wächst“ by Martin Schmidt received the certification mark „valuable“ of the Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden as Short film of the month December 2007.

From the report:

A whole life in two minutes – reduced to the essence – without trappings, no words, just the sound of the human stride can be heard: slowly crawling, cautious and clumsy, lively and fleet-footed, brisk and powerful then again slow and cumbersome. A beautiful cycle wonderfully created as a 3D-Animation with perfect timing.


History of Animation Class

The Department of Animation at the School of Art and Design Kassel seeks to impart students with an appreciation of animation as a distinct form of artistic expression. The Department’s spatial and organisational proximity to the Departments of Fine Art, Graphic Design, New Media and Film is of great assistance and value to this teaching process.

Professor Martina Bramkamp, together with her assistants Dennis Stein-Schomburg and Franka Sachse, are dedicated to providing students with a sound foundation in classical animation skills. Once they have mastered the basics, students are subsequently introduced to the wide range of possibilities offered by more recent developments in the discipline, such as experimental techniques, interactive forms of narration and digital production techniques.

Since its foundation in 1979, the Department of Animation has consciously worked on developing a distinctive culture of producing narrative animated films, initially thanks to the work of Professors Jan Lenica and Paul Driessen. Nowadays, the subject’s main focus is increasingly shifting from the manual techniques of puppet animation and cartoon towards computer animation. Nevertheless, the ability to tell a story with animated pictures bears no relation to the means of technology employed to convey the narrative. Accordingly, the fostering and nurturing of each student’s ability to successfully translate his/her ideas into a convincing narrative is a particular emphasis of the teaching remit at Kassel.

Students at the Department of Animation in Kassel primarily explore the medium by engaging in their own projects. They are encouraged to follow through their ideas from beginning to end, from developing their own storyboards – and translating these into their own pictorial form of artistic expression – to realizing these using the most appropriate means of technology until they have produced a film ready for public viewing. Furthermore, students are actively encouraged to share and discuss their ideas with others and collaborate with one another by pooling their skills and knowledge.
Tuition and support from members of staff in the technical realization of student projects is complemented by seminars and workshops on topics such as the History of Animation, Cinematic Storytelling, Techniques in Animation, Production Methods and the Media Market.

The quality of students‘ resulting project work speaks for itself. Animated films produced by students at Kassel are regularly screened on television and participate in festivals around the world. Their films are often awarded renowned prizes. Two of the puppet animation films produced at the School of Art and Design Kassel have even each won an Oscar: „Balance“ by the Lauenstein Brothers and „Quest“ by Tyrone Montgomery and Thomas Stellmach.