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Events of the Trickfilmklasse Kassel.


The Trickfilmklasse invited people to the Bali cinema on the 11th and 12th of February at TRICKREICH 2009, and numerous cartoon film lovers from Kassel have come. On both days, the evening performances of the annual productions we a complete success, and only a few seats were available in the large cinema hall. Also in the press coverage and in the Hessian Broadcoasting ( Hessischer Rundfunk ) the annual presentation of the Trickfilm department was very well received.
Of course, the next year will also be invited to a cinema evening to present the newly created films to the public.


Once again, the Trickfilmklasse of the Kunsthochschule Kassel will show you their latest work, which will deal with the basic questions of life as usual: Will Ferdi finally learn to fly? What is the rhythm of the everyday? Is not stupidity the highest form of happiness? What does “Leitplanke” actually mean in English? And is there really sensual pornography, or is in the end everything glisch and glamour? The audience has the unique ( twofold ) opportunity to experience the answers to these questions while experiencing an entertaining Trickfilm evening: on the 11th and the 12th February 2009, at 10 pm, in the big BALI cinema.
Admission: 6,50 € ( reduced 6,00 € )

Interactive in Chongqing

From 10th September to 15th October 2008 six students of the courses of New Media and Animation with Prof. Ursula Panhaus-Bühler have been invited to Chongqing/VR China. Together with the students of Animation of Go Shau Han, they have been working at the Sichuan University of Fine Arts [] for 5 weeks.

The workshops included Software VVVV (Felix Böttcher) and Adventure Games Studio (Gerard Delmas). In the end a big exhibition with the title “Interaction” was put together.

20 German-Chinese interactive projects were made.

After collecting so many great experiences during the project, it is planned to maintain the cooperation of New Media and Animated Cartoons in Germany and possibly to travel to China once again.

Participating students from Kassel: Stefan Vogt, Lea Schönfelder (Animation) / Anna Rieger, Felix Böttcher, Gerard Delmas, Tobias Hellwig (New Media)

Trickreich 2008

The class of Animated Cartoon of the Kunsthochschule Kassel shows a selection of their recent Artwork, that deals as usual with the elementary questions of life:

Will the fat penguin Q accomplish his masterpiece or will he fail miserably? Will Nils sacrifice the symbol of his masculinity, just to get his first date? Will the hand-knitted worm find his rhythm? When will I get my coffee? How can I get rid of wasted thoughts and what are the consequences? Who is going to win: Love or Hate?

The audience now has got the unique opportunity to find out and to have an enjoyable cartoon evening.

On 24th January, at 10pm, at the BALI Kino (Kulturbahnhof Kassel)