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Game Zone 2019

For the third year in a row students of the animation class had the opportunity to present their works at Game Zone of the International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart. Once again they were lucky to have a wide international audience to experience their games and installations.

Moreover, for the first time game students have also been part of the exhibition. The games class is working and developing at Kunsthochschule Kassel with professor Auriea Harvey since one year now.

3D printed chess game, developed by game class students.

Pizza Party on tour!

Say cheese!
Our juicy pineapple slices Áron Farkas, Stefan Kreller and Max Holicki have every reason to grin. Their film Pizza Party will smear sticky trails through the festivals this summer.
What began as a music video project for the band Sick Teeth will now be shown at: ANIMEX, BMVA, KAFF, ZlÍN, ArtAllNight, OAF & SUPERTOON.

It would be slice to meet you there!

We hope the trailer increases your appetite for more:

ITFS – Here we come!

The Animation Class is invited again to exhibit at the  ITFS, one of the biggest animation festivals worldwide, and will therefore present the latest works in the Game Zone.

5 new games were developed within the last year by students of the classes of animation and new media:

Dead Herring

Your Future Game

Balance The Bottle

Shake Yer Dix

QB – A Cube’s Tale

We’re excited!

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New Media Class


VR Game: Dead Herring

Almost one year ago, students of animation started a cooperation with the department of chemistry of Universität Kassel. The goal was to make chemical processes and reactions that surround us everyday accessible and comprehensible to a wide range of people. The result is a virtual reality game, in which the player acts as a forensic scientists and explores his environment up to its molecular components: Dead Herring.


In the 17th century escaped criminals used the smell of red herrings to confuse tracker dogs and cover their track.


Next week Dead Herring, as well as other projects of Kunsthochschule Kassel will be exposed in the Game Zone of the Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart.


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Review: Trickreich 18

Aaaand Trickreich is over again. One week ago, the Animationsklasse celebrated the opening of Trickreich 18 in the Gloria cinema – and quite a few people (300 on the first evening) came to see the films resulting from  the past year. It was a succesful evening with lots of laughter and approval.

That is what the HNA, the locals newspaper felt, too:

We were happy to entertain you!

(Photos: Nicolas Wefers)

See you next year!

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The HESSEN TALENTS will be featured at the 68th Berlinale. With Jonatan Schwenk  »Sog«,  Florian Maubach »Räuber und Gendarm«, Alma Weber »Obvious«, Petra Stipetic & Maren Wiese »Your Future Game«.

Hessische Hochschulfilme, Talente und Pitch-Präsentationen auf der 68. Berlinale

Seit zehn Jahren sind die HESSEN TALENTS eine feste Größe im Programm des Europäischen Filmmarktes der Berlinale. Auch 2018 wird das gleichnamige Programm Filme aus vier filmschaffenden Hochschulen Hessens einem internationalem Fachpublikum vorstellen. Zudem präsentieren studentische Filmschaffende am Dienstag, den 20.02. auf dem bundesweiten Empfang der Filmhochschulen in Berlin persönlich ihre Projekte.
Zehn Kurzfilme werden am Mittwoch, den 21.02. im Filmmarkt gezeigt – online ergänzt um drei weitere herausragende Produktionen von in Hessen ausgebildeten Nachwuchstalenten. Darunter auch die Dokumentation „Ink of Yam“, die mit dem Hessischen Hochschulfilmpreis 2017 ausgezeichnet wurde.

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Hessentalents 2018 auf der Berlinale


Trickfilmforscher feat. Jonatan Schwenk

Jonatan Schwenk is featured at the illustrious animation podcast »Trickfilmforscher« hosted by Robert Löbel. They are chatting about the german animation community, Offenbach/Kassel, AG-Animationsfilm, his shortfilm »Sog« and what else is going on.

Mir wird die große Ehre zuteil, der erste Gast bei Robert Löbels neuem Trickfilm-Podcast zu sein!
Wir quatschen über meinen Film Sog und die deutsche Animationsfilmszene. Macht euch Tee und hört mal rein! 🎧

Robert hat vor ein paar Jahren den wunderbaren Animationsfilm WIND gemacht: und ist jetzt mit seinen neuen Filmen LINK und ISLAND auf den Festivals unterwegs, wo ich ihn vor einiger Zeit kennen lernen durfte.
– Jonatan Schwenk

Über Trickfilmforscher – Podcast

Trickfilmforscher (triff)- ist ein Podcast von einem Trickfilmer für Trickfilmer. autodidaktisch & inspirierent. Viel Nerdgeschnatter von Halbwissenden und alten Hasen des handgemacht bewegten Bildes (oder auch einfach Indie Animation for Dummies) – von und mit Robert Löbel.

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Special mention for »Cops and Robbers«

»Cops and Robbers« by Florian Maubach was screened on Manchester Animation Festival and received a special mention.

Last week “Räuber & Gendarm” had his british premiere at the Manchester Animation Festival and received a special mention from the Jury in the caterory “Best Student Film”.

“Wonderfully atmospheric and captured being a certain age. Stellar camera work and an impressive use of sound, this film stayed with us”

Thanks to the Jury and the Festival.

– Florian Maubach

About Cops & Robbers

Daniel is playing ‘Cops and Robbers’ with his friends. Carla is there too. She brought Christian. Daniel wishes to be alone with her. He watches her, hidden on the playground. The sun goes down.
Original Title Räuber & Gendarm
Director: Florian Maubach
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Length: 00:08:15
Technique: Digital 2D,
Language: German

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About Manchester Animation Festival

Manchester Animation Festival is the UK’s largest Animation Festival dedicated celebration of the animated art form.

Hosted at HOME in Manchester, the festival brings one of the UK’s biggest animation hubs together and invites the international community to join us to delight in all things animated.

Animation is everywhere, from the smallest smart phone screen to the largest cinematic projection. Manchester Animation Festival unites artists, practitioners, students and enthusiasts and all those in between to savour the many and varied achievements of the animated form.

If you’re an animation insider or just want to see something unique, you don’t have to be an animation boffin to join us for animated short competitions, feature films, retrospective screenings, workshops, networking events, panel discussions, masterclasses and screen talks from the industry’s finest over three packed days.

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Manchester Animation Festival
Cops and Robber
Florian Maubach