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Events of the Trickfilmklasse Kassel.

The Trickfilmklasse at RUNDGANG2010

Within the framework of the annual exhibition of the Kunsthochschule in Kassel, the Trickfilmklasse will present a film program with current films on Friday, 16.7.2010 at 7:30 pm in the auditorium of the Kunsthochschule Kassel.

The RUNDGANG 2010 takes place from 11.07. – 18.07.2010 at the Kunsthochschule and in Kassel galleries and exhibition rooms. Traditionally, the students show the results of the last year of study in the exhibition. During the regular opening hours of the tour ( see the program overview, the current films of the students also run as a permanent program in the Trickfilmkino, which can be reached  via the courtyard of the Trickfilmklasse.

In the course of the week in the evening from 18 clock on the meadow in front of the Trickfilmtrakt original wood oven pizza baked. On Wednesday evening ( July 14th 2010) the Trickfilmklasse invites you to the “Sturm auf den Basstille” with hot beats and ice-cold drinks in the most beautiful courtyard of the Kunsthochschule.

Link to the program overview of the CURRENT 2010

Link to the website of RUNDGANG2010

TINY AND BIG – test it out

A team of students from the Trickfilmklasse and the Ing.-Schule of the University of Kassel developed the 3D computer game “Tiny and Big” within many months. On Friday, February 19, 2010, the developers invite to the test games in the Trickfilmklasse, Kunsthochschule Kassel.

TRICKREICH 2010 in Bali Kino

On 28 and 29 January 2010, the latest films of the Trickfilmklasse Kassel were presented at the Bali Cinema in Kassel. In the two days almost sold-out big hall the filmmakers presented their productions and presented themselves briefly to the audience.

What has been described as a “cracked festival atmosphere” in the Kassel local newspaper HNA (link to article []) has been more firmly established for several years Part of Trickfilm’s annual presentation. The response of the audience to their own films is, after all, an important and valuable experience for the filmmakers.

In particular, for filmmakers like “The Burning House” by Nils Knoblich, “The Chosen One” by Damian Harmata, “The Precise Peter” by Martin Schmidt or “Vienne” by Robert Atangana Manifong was TRICKREICH a good opportunity to see how the audience To the result of monthly work.
Those who have missed TRICKREICH 2010 can comfort themselves: In July, a film evening with current films will take place in the course of this year’s annual exhibition of the Kunsthochschule – and next year there will certainly be a TRICKREICH 2011!

The trick film class with her professors Andreas Hykade and Thomas Meyer-Hermann and the employee Philip Gutjahr (click on the picture to enlarge.) (Photos: Kati Liebert)


Find an English-language or instrumental song you can dance to. Animate a music clip using typography – only typography.

This was the job for the project “LET’S TYPE”. Studentteams from the graphic arts and animation department at the Kassel art college have animated 7 music clips, which will be presented on February 11, 2010 in room 4 of Galerie Loyal in Kassel (Werner-Hilpertstraße 22). The project was supervised by Prof. Gabriele Götz
(Graphic Design) and Prof. Andreas Hykade (Trickfilm).

Start of the event is at 9 pm, presentation of the films at 10 pm, followed by party.


Once again, the trickfilm class of the Kunsthochschule Kassel will show you the latest works that deal with the basic questions of life as usual:

How do father and son spend their father’s day together? How to defeat the big spinach kites? Can we find fulfillment in the colorful light? What is truth? And who has all the place in the ark when the great rain begins?

The audience now has the twofold opportunity to experience the answers to these questions while experiencing an entertaining trickfilm evening:

On Thursday, January 28, 2010 and Friday, January 29, 2010 at 22.15 hrs in the BALI Kino, Kulturbahnhof Kassel.


THE BURNING HAUS – Nils Knoblich
A CAPPELLA – Gruppenprojekt
ELYSIUM – Sun & Egg

SHARE – Daniel van Westen
JUST A MOMENT PLEASE – Lukas Thiele & Andreas Herzau 
 MR ECK – Kun Jia
SCHATTENGEWÄCHS – Dennis Stein-Schomburg

Y – Gruppenprojekt
HERTZFLIMMERN – Mirco Kutscheidt
LEUCHTSTOFF – Gruppenprojekt
VIENNE – Robert Atangana Manifong

HOME – Sheree Betz & Karolina Chyzewska
SPEI – Fabian Koppenhöfer
REVENGE – Seo Yeun Lee
AUFZUGVOGEL – Katharina Vogel

DER PRÄZISE PETER – Martin Schmidt

Honorable mention for “You are my hero” by Tobias Bilgeri

With his animation film “You are my hero”, Tobias Bilgeri has received a “Honorable Mention” at the 26th Dokfest Kassel in the competition for the Golden Hercules. A total of 30 filmes were nominated for the prize, while the documentary “Hidden in Schnuttenbach” by Thomas Majewski is the prize-winning feature.

The jury justifies the honorable mention for the film produced in 3d computer animation as follows:
“The digitally produced short film is aesthetically based on the iconic painting of the 14th century – including golden backgrounds, flat garments and a false central perspective. Quietly telling, with the optics and colors very intense and contrasting, with a beguiling narrator and a timeless history as old as love and deceit, the work convinces through a coherent and high-quality overall structure, which conjures a knowing smirk on the face of the spectator.”

The 26th Dokfest Kassel from 10th – 15th November 2009 broke all previous records with a total of more than 10,000 visitors on 5 days this year. Even if the focus of the festival is on documentary films, short films by students of the Kassel art college were shown in four blocks. Amongst the following films of student of the trickfilm class:
Traumpartner by Lean Heinrich and René Barth
Mr. Eck by Kun Jia
S’Hannerl war a Depp by Federico Martin
Die teuren Hinterbliebenen by Julian Vavrosky
Spei by Fabian Koppenhöfer
Pums by Federico Martin
Elysium by Sun&Egg
Y by the project group “Y”
Zenit by Damian Harmata
Aufzugvogel by Katharina Vogel
You are my hero by Tobias Bilgeri
cat sleeping on the piano by Tilman Hatje and Lukas Thiele
Die Wahrheits-Quizshow by Wukung

LEUCHTSTOFF – Building projections in the inner city of Kassel

A lukewarm summer evening in the center of Kassel. In front of a building next to the Fridericianum, people gather, looking intently at the façade. Suddenly the wall illuminates and LIGHTS begin. At the annual exhibition of the Kunsthochschule “Spaziergang 09”, the building project of the “Trickfilmklasse” fascinated both passers-by and exhibition visitors alike.

When it became known that the 2009 annual exhibition took place in the inner city of Kassel, the trickfilm class formed the idea of conquering the public space with nocturnal projections of trick films on a house facade. The basic idea is to pass passers-by who pass by at random or attract visitors to the nearby party and fascinate them for 15 minutes.

The concept of the project focused on the structure of the façade (a wall of large sandstone blocks with open and vaulted windows) and to match any animation to the situation. In the run-up, the wall was “measured” with the beamer by projecting a white image of the desired size and then taking a photo of it. A template for the project participants was created using this photo. Within a relatively short time, the students animated several short clips dealing with the architecture of the façade and their structure. This included narrative works as well as music clips in which sandstone blocks were brought to dance or free animations, which concerned with the space around the building and the spectators.
The technical realization, financing and approval of the owner was organized by a 3-member student team. With Udo Dommermuth of MMC from Gütersloh found a generous supporter for the rental of a sufficiently strong beamers. The owner of the facade used, “SinnLeffers Kassel”, agreed to allow a projection on the back wall of the shop. The Kunstverein Kassel gladly provided its premises in order to be able to direct the beamer from a window on the ground floor to the façade.
On three days during the annual exhibition of the Kunsthochschule the animations with a total duration of 15 minutes were projected as an endless loop to the façade in the late evening hours. The concept went on: numerous visitors to the party, the nearby open-air cinema and passers-by on the way home were impressed by the animated and illuminated facade and looked at the program.

LEUCHTSTOFF will be continued in a different form, presumably within the framework of the next annual exhibition in the summer of 2010.

Films, festivals and successes

Several animations from Kassel ran successfully this year on festivals, were nominated for competitions or won prizes. Some animation films will be shown at festivals in the near future or are nominated for competitions. A short list of these films:

DER LAUF DER DINGE von Katharina Vogel

Ein Gleichnis über die Freude bei der Arbeit, auch wenn diese von außen sinnlos scheint. ( 2.28 – Puppentrick – 2008 )
FESTIVALS Fish, Landshuter Filmfestival, Cortoons Rom (I), Int. Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg, GoEast, ISFF Detmold, Filmfest Emden, FF 600 (PL), Shorts at moonlight, Filmfest Weiterstadt, Kurzfilmnacht Schwerin, Golden Moon Ludwigslust, Formula Mundi, Exground, Filmfest Osnabrück.
AWARDS Findling 2009, Formula Mundi (1. Platz Kategorie Animation), Prädikat „besonders wertvoll“, FBW Wiesbaden

ROSAROT von Ines Christine Geißer und Kirsten Carina Geißer

Über die Verirrungen und Verwirrungen der Liebe.  (1.00 min – Zeichentrick – 2009 )
FESTIVALS 25. Kurzfilmfestival Hamburg, Vilsflimmern, One minute Aarau (CH), flexiff 2002-2022 (AU), 5th Singapore Short Film Festival (CN), 6. Haydauer Filmtage
COMING Konstanzer, außerdem vertreten auf der „Next Generation“ Rolle von german films und auf „Hessen Shorts 2“ (hfma).

Y von Xie Yi, Evelyn Wangui Gichuhi, Ines C. Geisser, Kirsten C. Geisser, Galina Kabanciuk

Eine Reise durch die Farbe Gelb. ( 03.47 – Legetrick – 2009 )
FESTIVALS flexiff 2002-2022, fest anca (SK)
COMING Dokfest Kassel 2009

STEINFLIEGEN von Anne Walther

Die kleine Steinfliege Ferdi begibt sich auf eine Reise, um das Fliegen zu lernen. ( 14.50. – Puppentrick – 2009 )
FESTIVALS European Film Market der Berlinale 09, Lichter Filmtage Frankfurt, Kinderfilmfest Kassel, Shorts at Moonlight, Filmfest Weiterstadt, Haydauer Filmtage, Portobello Film Festival (GB)
COMING Filmfest Osnabrück, Internationales Filmfestival Warschau (PL), 52. Internationales DOK Leipzig
PREISE Publikumspreis bei den Haydauer Filmtagen 09, FBW-Prädikat „wertvoll“, Lobende Erwähnung der Herkulesjury Dokfest Kassel 08, Nominierung für den Hessischen Hochschulfilmpreis 2009

AUGEN AUF von Elisabeth Ritter

Das Kaninchen entwischt dem Zauberer und springt in die Welt. Wird es den Eindrücken gewachsen sein? ( 3.00 – Knettrick – 2008 )
FESTIVALS Jung & Frisch Darmstadt, Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Gütersloher Filmfestival, Fish 09
COMING „Rolle vorwärts“ – Kinderprogramm der Flensburger Kurzfilmtage, 29. Internationales Festival der Filmhochschulen
PREISE Bronzemedaille des Verbandes Deutscher Filmautoren

4XTRA von Tilman Hatje und Lukas Thiele

Einhundertundacht handflächengroße Papierpixel bilden den Rahmen eines rasanten Musikvideos zum Song „4xtra“ der Hamburger Band „eaten by sheiks“. ( 2.30 – Legetrick – 2008 )
FESTIVALS Vienna Independent Shorts, ISFF London (GB), ambulart 09 (D, EC, MX), MUSEEK St. Petersburg (RU), Akbank Short Film Festival Istanbul (TR), Red Stick Animation Festival (US),
„frischfilm“ – Die Nacht der Hochschulfilme (TV) 2009
PREISE Nominierung bei der „Talentprobe“ des ZDF, Nominierung für den Deutschen Jugendvideopreis 2009

S´HANNERL WAR A DEPP von Federico Martin

Gerade als Hanna ihr Fehlverhalten einsehen will ist es bereits schon zu spät. ( 1.17 – 2d animation – 2008 )
FESTIVALS „frischfilm“ – Die Nacht der Hochschulfilme (TV) 2009, Melbourne International Animation Festival 2009
COMING Dokfest Kassel 2009


Ein Ratgeber zur reibungslosen Fahrt auf deutschen Autobahnen. ( 2.48 – 2d animation – 2008 )
FESTIVALS Haydauer Filmtage 2008, Akbank Short Film Festival Istanbul (TR), Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Dresden, Annecy 2009 International Animation Film Festival


At the Walk 2009 , the annual exhibition of the Kunsthochschule Kassel, the Trickfilmklasse is represented with several contributions and events. Both in exhibitions and in various film shows – in the cinema and in the middle of the city!

At the end of the summer semester, the students presented the current work on the so-called “tour” at the Kunsthochschule in Menzelstraße. This year everything is different: the event is called “Walk 2009” and is held throughout the city of Kassel – the buildings of the Kunsthochschule http: // / are consciously and consistently avoided. Instead, there are numerous exhibition venues along the strolling axis between the Documentahalle and the Cultural Center. The trick film class is represented during the walk with the exhibition “Drück mich”, the installation “Loops im Kubus”, the building projection “Leuchtstoff” and with two cinema shows in the Bali Cinema.

The events in detail:

Studenten der Trickfilmklasse stellen ihre Quadratur des Kreises zur Schau. Wie passen die unterschiedlichen Filme auf die gleiche Tonspur; das Zyklische in den begrenzten Raum; das Runde ins Eckige? Auf den vier mal vier Metern des Kubus im Friedricianum werden diese Grenzen mit bewegten Bildern in acht Beiträgen neu ausgelotet.

Täglich vom 11.7.-18.7. (11-18 Uhr) im Fridericianum

Wie ist es als allmächtiger Gott über die Erde zu wandern? Kannst Du verhindern, dass der kleine Pjotr auf den Straßen Russlands erfriert? Wirst Du dem mysteriösen Tiefseewesen ein eigenes Musikstück entlocken können? Und: Schaffst Du es, die Aerobic-Dame zu einer wahren “Frau mit Muskeln” zu trainieren?

Die Studenten der Trickfilmklasse geben in interaktiven Animations-Installationen Antworten auf diese Fragen. Hier versuchen angehende Animatoren und Programmierer gemeinsam, das herkömmliche Genre Animationsfilm zu sprengen, indem sie den linearen roten Faden einer Story hinter sich lassen. Das Resultat: Der Zuschauer entscheidet, was geschehen wird. Er wird zum Spieler, zum Regisseur, zum Handelnden. Das Film-Erlebnis wird direkt!

Täglich vom 11.7.-18.7. (11-18 Uhr) im Fridericianum

Animationen, projiziert auf eine Fassade an der Spaziergangsachse. Gebäude und Film verschmelzen, Animation reagiert auf Architektur. Das Haus bewegt sich. Menschen bleiben stehen, trauen ihren Augen nicht. Was war das? Von diesem Leuchtstoff kommt man nie wieder runter!

An drei Abenden zeigt eine Gruppe von Studenten der Trickfilmklasse kurze Animationen an der Rückseite des SinnLeffers-Gebäudes (gegenüber des Fridericianums).

SinnLeffers-Gebäude (Bereich Untere Karlsstraße) vom 11.-13.7. 2009 zwischen 22:30-01:00 Uhr

Die Trickfilmklasse zeigt Ihre neuesten Arbeiten, die sich wie gewohnt mit den elementaren Fragen des Lebens beschäftigen: Wird die kleine Steinfliege Ferdi endlich fliegen lernen? Wie ist der Rhythmus des Alltäglichen? Ist nicht die Dummheit die höchste Form des Glücks? Was heisst eigentlich „Leitplanke“ auf englisch? Und gibt es wirklich sinnliche Pornografie, oder ist am Ende doch nur alles Glitsch und Glamour?

Freitag, 10.7. 2009 um 22 Uhr im Bali-Kino am Kulturbahnhof

Gezeigt werden die Klassiker der Kasseler Trickfilmsklasse: Vielfach preisgekrönte Kurzfilme, darunter die beiden Oscar-Gewinner „Balance“ von den Brüdern Lauenstein und „Quest“ von Thomas Stellmach und Tyron Montgomery. Kassel zeigt sich als ein Ort, an dem Trickfilmgeschichte geschrieben wurde.

Sonntag, 12.7. 2009 um 22 Uhr im Bali-Kino am Kulturbahnhof


Interactive animation installations by the students of the Kunsthochschule Kassel at the 16th International Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart 2009.

How is it, as Almighty God, to wander over the earth? Can you prevent the little Pyotr from freezing on the streets of Russia? Will you be able to elicit your own piece of music from the mysterious deep sea? And: Can you train the aerobic lady to a true “woman with muscles”?

At the 16th International Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart, the audience from 5 to 10 May 2009 has the opportunity to find the answer to these questions. After all, the students of the Trickfilmklasse and the Neue Medien class of the Kunsthochschule Kassel have united themselves to a new concept: Animators and programmers try together to break the conventional genre animation film by leaving the linear thread of a story behind them. The result: the viewer decides what will happen. He becomes a player, a director, an actor. The movie experience will be direct! Interactive! Kassel Interactive!

With works from: Tobias Bilgeri, Felix Böttcher, Gerard Delmas, Damian Harmata, Kun Jia, Nico Kilian, Nils Knoblich, Fabian Koppenhöfer, Seoyeun Lee, Maurice Quentin, Lea Schönfelder, Sebastian Stamm, Dennis Stein-Schomburg, Lukas Thiele, Stefan Vogt

Time: 5th – 10th May 2009

Presentation of the works by the filmmakers on Friday, 8th May at 4 pmPlace: Entrance hall of the Metropol cinema Stuttgart / Bolzstraße 10