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Preview »Ships Passing in the Night« at Hessische Verwaltungsgerichtshof

Elisabeth Zwimpfer, student of Trickfilmklasse presents a preview of her graduate film at the Lichthof of the Hessischen Verwaltungsgerichtshofs.

The exhibition will be opened by the president of Hessische Verwaltungsgerichtshof, Dr. K.-Hans Rothaug. Professor Martina Bramkamp will deliver opening remarks.

»Ships Passing in the Night«
Opening on April 15th 2015 at 5pm
Exhibition from April 16th to July 3rd 2015
Location: Hessischer Verwaltungsgerichthof
Brüder Grimm Platz 1
34117 Kassel

Announcement of Hessische Verwaltungsgerichtshof
Elisabeth Zwimpfer

Animationclass Kassel in Madagascar


Between 15. and 26. April a little group from two students from the animation class (Daniel Maass, Filip Dippel) and the KHK employee Franka Sachse will travel to Madagascar. There they will go to the Filmfestival „Rencountre du Film Court Madagaskar“, present the animation class of Kassel and their films, and take part at the 4 day long workshop, in which in accord with the madagascan film makers a group project will be created.

The idea for the trip was brought forth in the last year when three young madagascan film makers and the director of „Rencountre du Film Court Madagaskar“ came to Kassel with the help of Afrikamera Filmfestival Berlin, to show their films at the Dokfest Kassel. During their stay they joined a 48h-Animation-Jam in the animation class. There the first connection was tied, which was only able to be concreted by the returned visit of Kassel to Madagascar.

Dennis Stein-Schomburg, a Kassel Student at the Berlinale

Red carpet. Famous names, glitz and glamour- and he is in the middle of it: Dennis Stein-Schomburg, Regiestudent at the Uni Kassel. His animation film is the only german one in the competition „Generation/14plus“.

His finals project film brought him to Berlin: Dennis Stein-Schomburgs film „The Old Man And The Bird“ tells a story of an old man that saves the life of a robin and is born anew through it. The film was made in the Kunsthochschule Kassel, that is now known worldwide as a talent forge.

Impression: Trickreich fifteen


On the fourth, fifth and sixth of February the lovers of animation came together and sat down in the Bali Kino Kassel.

Around twenty newest projects of the animation class entertained the viewers with their lifelike, poetic, funny and confrontational content.

In the newspaper article Mark-Christian von Busse writes: „Von Befangenheit oder Zurückhaltung kann bei den Studierenden keine Rede sein.“ – “There is no question of bias or restraint by these students”

The cherry on the cake was the film presentation „The Old Man and The Bird“ from Dennis Stein-Schomburg. At the very least, a detail showed the potential of the work of art, which was allowed to celebrate at the Berlinale premiere

Trickreich fifteen

It’s that time again: By TRICKREICH FÜNFZEHN the animation class of Kunsthochschule Kassel will present their current works.
As usual, it is about the basic questions of life: If everyone pulls me down, do I still want to get up? Does this man have a bird or is it in his imagination? Is Eddy a Champion? The answers to these questions will be given at the 4th, 5th and 6th February at 22:15 in BALi-Kino, Kulturbahnhof Kassel.

We recommend to pre-ordering tickets

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34117 Kassel

Tel. 0561 / 710550