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Goldener Herkules goes to Martin Schmidt

The Trickfilmklasse Kassel announces: The Golden Hercules, with the 3000 euro given by Machbar at this year’s Kasseler Dokfest for an outstanding production from Nordhessen goes to “Emil” by Martin Schmidt.

The jury’s reasoning: Schmidt shows in his animated short film the dramatic twist between bowl and chicks. While the preserving shell is concerned with calm and balance, the new life within it constantly pushes outwards. His craftsmanship perfection and surprising bonds to Horrorfilmdramaturgy impressed us. Whenever you think, now is peace, the fight goes to the next round, pointed by a successful music insert. For the first time we are reminded of the mostly neglected fate of the egg shell – this change of perspective is original and convincing.

Congratulations, dear Martin!

Watch on Youtube.

Medienkunstausstellung Monitoring

Tonight, 12.11.2014, 19:00 the media art exhibition Monitoring in the Kassel Kunstverein opens

There will be 16 current (video) installations by well-established artists and promising newcomers. Lukas Thiele will also be present with his final work “AM RANDE DER ZEIT”, to be seen in the Coucou – Contemporary Art Gallery

Gallery: 13. to 16. November 2014
Do. – Sa. 17 – 22 Uhr / So. 17 – 20 Uhr
(Kasseler Kunstverein, Südflügel und Stellwerk im KulturBahnhof, Galerie Coucou)

Final film wins prize in Annecy


The current masters student of the animation class, Ines Christine Geisser, presented her final film „An Adventurous Afternoon“ 2013. The six minute film was presented at the Festival internatinal du film d’animation d’Annecy in the same year „le prix du jury pour un film d’efin d’études“ or „Jury Award for a graduation film“. The film, like many other works, was created in cooperation with her sister Kirsten Carina Geisser. The 2D animation tells of an initially calm afternoon, which turns out to be a particularly eventful one. It is accompanied by the music of The Giant Fox & William Honda Group. “An Adventurous Afternoon” has so far been shown at 62 festivals worldwide.

Impressions from Trickreich


On the fifth, sixth and seventh February evening of this year, the well-attended Trickreich fourteen presentation took place at the Bali Cinema in Kassel.The initiators: the students of the Kasseler Trickfilmklasse look back on three festive demonstrations and full halls. In addition to the Omage series to Harry Kramer, whose premiere was celebrated last summer in the artist’s necropolis in the Habichtswald, the closing film “An Adventurous Afternoon”, as well as further works by the young animators, was also the latest film of the collaborator of the animation film class Martin Schmidt Called “Emil”. HNA wrote: “As usual, the latest work of the animation class of the Kunsthochschule will deal with real questions of life in the three – day festival Trickreich.“

TRICKREICH fourteen – 5.+6.+7. February 2014

As usual, they deal with the basic questions of life: What happens when friends meet for coffee and then start with a cannon? What does a knight whose wife thinks too well with him? Where is Eugene’s lash? How can two dwellers living at the harbor find each other by a song on a cassette?

The audience now has the opportunity to receive the answers to these questions on three evenings and at the same time to experience an entertaining trickfilm evening with about 20 films and trailers of the animation film class. For example, the closing film “An Adventurous Afternoon” by Ines Christine Geisser is shown, which has already been shown at various festivals.

In addition, the trailers, which were created as part of a competition, handle the question of the use of mobile phones in the cinema. These trailers were selected at the opening of the 2013 documentary.

Two “classic clips” on the music of Claude Debussy will be shown from another contest within the scope of TRICKREICH FOURTEEN at Balikino.

In one block works are shown which have been created for two semesters by order of the documenta archive and in collaboration with the Museum of Sepulcheral Culture and the Cultural Office of Kassel. On the occasion of the 1100th anniversary of the City of Kassel, students developed different short films that put the work and life of the Documenta artist and former professor of sculpture, Harry Kramer, in the forefront.

The films deal with ideas of transience, dance and the self-determination of man. Under the project name Harry Who? They were shown at midnight, in the shortest night of the year, in the necropolis in the Habichtswald in Kassel and a part of them was presented at the Kassel Dokfest.

The students, whose films are shown, will be present at the shows and introduce themselves briefly.

We would be delighted to welcome you to the Great Hall of the Bali Cinema on Wednesday, February 5th, Thursday, February 6th or Friday, February 7th, 2014 at 22.15.

Furthermore, we recommend to pre-booking tickets due to the expectation of quite a large crowds

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