Balance the Bottle available on iPhone and Android

Georgi Krastev, student of animationclass, published his first game for iphone and android. People love it, average rating: ☆☆☆☆. He might even have got a call from Google, they say, because nice coding, they say.

My first game ever!!!
Play it on your phone now!
–Balance The Bottle–


– Georgi Krastev via facebook 

About Balance The Bottle

Lift the bottle from below with your finger and balance it. Challenge your friends’ instinct to a balance-off and beat their scores! Then revel in confetti and unlock new bottles!

+ Fun
+ Simple
+ Super hard 🔥 🔥
+ 30+ bottles

While balancing you will randomly get stars. Use 100 stars to buy presents and unlock more awesome, fun things to balance – like a cucumber, a flask, a hat and even… dat boi! Each object makes a different sound when you beat your score.

~~featuring all-mouth sounds~~

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Georgi Krastev