Animationclass Kassel in Madagascar


Between 15. and 26. April a little group from two students from the animation class (Daniel Maass, Filip Dippel) and the KHK employee Franka Sachse will travel to Madagascar. There they will go to the Filmfestival „Rencountre du Film Court Madagaskar“, present the animation class of Kassel and their films, and take part at the 4 day long workshop, in which in accord with the madagascan film makers a group project will be created.

The idea for the trip was brought forth in the last year when three young madagascan film makers and the director of „Rencountre du Film Court Madagaskar“ came to Kassel with the help of Afrikamera Filmfestival Berlin, to show their films at the Dokfest Kassel. During their stay they joined a 48h-Animation-Jam in the animation class. There the first connection was tied, which was only able to be concreted by the returned visit of Kassel to Madagascar.