TRICKREICH 2010 in Bali Kino

On 28 and 29 January 2010, the latest films of the Trickfilmklasse Kassel were presented at the Bali Cinema in Kassel. In the two days almost sold-out big hall the filmmakers presented their productions and presented themselves briefly to the audience.

What has been described as a “cracked festival atmosphere” in the Kassel local newspaper HNA (link to article []) has been more firmly established for several years Part of Trickfilm’s annual presentation. The response of the audience to their own films is, after all, an important and valuable experience for the filmmakers.

In particular, for filmmakers like “The Burning House” by Nils Knoblich, “The Chosen One” by Damian Harmata, “The Precise Peter” by Martin Schmidt or “Vienne” by Robert Atangana Manifong was TRICKREICH a good opportunity to see how the audience To the result of monthly work.
Those who have missed TRICKREICH 2010 can comfort themselves: In July, a film evening with current films will take place in the course of this year’s annual exhibition of the Kunsthochschule – and next year there will certainly be a TRICKREICH 2011!

The trick film class with her professors Andreas Hykade and Thomas Meyer-Hermann and the employee Philip Gutjahr (click on the picture to enlarge.) (Photos: Kati Liebert)