Honorable mention for “You are my hero” by Tobias Bilgeri

With his animation film “You are my hero”, Tobias Bilgeri has received a “Honorable Mention” at the 26th Dokfest Kassel in the competition for the Golden Hercules. A total of 30 filmes were nominated for the prize, while the documentary “Hidden in Schnuttenbach” by Thomas Majewski is the prize-winning feature.

The jury justifies the honorable mention for the film produced in 3d computer animation as follows:
“The digitally produced short film is aesthetically based on the iconic painting of the 14th century – including golden backgrounds, flat garments and a false central perspective. Quietly telling, with the optics and colors very intense and contrasting, with a beguiling narrator and a timeless history as old as love and deceit, the work convinces through a coherent and high-quality overall structure, which conjures a knowing smirk on the face of the spectator.”

The 26th Dokfest Kassel from 10th – 15th November 2009 broke all previous records with a total of more than 10,000 visitors on 5 days this year. Even if the focus of the festival is on documentary films, short films by students of the Kassel art college were shown in four blocks. Amongst the following films of student of the trickfilm class:
Traumpartner by Lean Heinrich and René Barth
Mr. Eck by Kun Jia
S’Hannerl war a Depp by Federico Martin
Die teuren Hinterbliebenen by Julian Vavrosky
Spei by Fabian Koppenhöfer
Pums by Federico Martin
Elysium by Sun&Egg
Y by the project group “Y”
Zenit by Damian Harmata
Aufzugvogel by Katharina Vogel
You are my hero by Tobias Bilgeri
cat sleeping on the piano by Tilman Hatje and Lukas Thiele
Die Wahrheits-Quizshow by Wukung