LEUCHTSTOFF – Building projections in the inner city of Kassel

A lukewarm summer evening in the center of Kassel. In front of a building next to the Fridericianum, people gather, looking intently at the façade. Suddenly the wall illuminates and LIGHTS begin. At the annual exhibition of the Kunsthochschule “Spaziergang 09”, the building project of the “Trickfilmklasse” fascinated both passers-by and exhibition visitors alike.

When it became known that the 2009 annual exhibition took place in the inner city of Kassel, the trickfilm class formed the idea of conquering the public space with nocturnal projections of trick films on a house facade. The basic idea is to pass passers-by who pass by at random or attract visitors to the nearby party and fascinate them for 15 minutes.

The concept of the project focused on the structure of the façade (a wall of large sandstone blocks with open and vaulted windows) and to match any animation to the situation. In the run-up, the wall was “measured” with the beamer by projecting a white image of the desired size and then taking a photo of it. A template for the project participants was created using this photo. Within a relatively short time, the students animated several short clips dealing with the architecture of the façade and their structure. This included narrative works as well as music clips in which sandstone blocks were brought to dance or free animations, which concerned with the space around the building and the spectators.
The technical realization, financing and approval of the owner was organized by a 3-member student team. With Udo Dommermuth of MMC from Gütersloh found a generous supporter for the rental of a sufficiently strong beamers. The owner of the facade used, “SinnLeffers Kassel”, agreed to allow a projection on the back wall of the shop. The Kunstverein Kassel gladly provided its premises in order to be able to direct the beamer from a window on the ground floor to the façade.
On three days during the annual exhibition of the Kunsthochschule the animations with a total duration of 15 minutes were projected as an endless loop to the façade in the late evening hours. The concept went on: numerous visitors to the party, the nearby open-air cinema and passers-by on the way home were impressed by the animated and illuminated facade and looked at the program.

LEUCHTSTOFF will be continued in a different form, presumably within the framework of the next annual exhibition in the summer of 2010.