Interactive in Chongqing

From 10th September to 15th October 2008 six students of the courses of New Media and Animation with Prof. Ursula Panhaus-Bühler have been invited to Chongqing/VR China. Together with the students of Animation of Go Shau Han, they have been working at the Sichuan University of Fine Arts [] for 5 weeks.

The workshops included Software VVVV (Felix Böttcher) and Adventure Games Studio (Gerard Delmas). In the end a big exhibition with the title “Interaction” was put together.

20 German-Chinese interactive projects were made.

After collecting so many great experiences during the project, it is planned to maintain the cooperation of New Media and Animated Cartoons in Germany and possibly to travel to China once again.

Participating students from Kassel: Stefan Vogt, Lea Schönfelder (Animation) / Anna Rieger, Felix Böttcher, Gerard Delmas, Tobias Hellwig (New Media)