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Trickreich 17 review

Once a year every student of the Trickfilmklasse has the opportunity to present his or her work on the big screen.

On February 8th to 10th the 17th season of Trickreich film programm was screened at Gloria Cinema in Kassel. As every year this years selection was excitingly diverse. The audience was captured by a variety of different worlds, experienced many thoughts, emotions and visions of the aspiring film makers who showed their individual signature styles. On February 8th the premiere was opened by Prof. Martina Bramkamp and Prof. Thomas Meyer-Hermann.

Between each of the three segments the film makers introduced themselves to the audience, quickly stating their name and their featured work. After the offical screening they took questions from the audience in the lounge. The Q&A was continued later at the FES where the opening night party was held.


TRICKREICH 17 at Gloria cinema

Alas, it’s time for Trickreich again! Brand new productions straight from the Animation departement of the Kunsthochschule Kassel! 2016 was hard, we want to heal with animation! Fine handcraft for every animation enthusiast!

The students of Trickfilmklasse show their newest productions. In the gorgeous Gloria cinema.
08./09./10. February
22:15 pm
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 3
34117 Kassel

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After-Show-Party at FES